About me

I've been designing in one shape or form since I was six years old, when - inspired by my next-door neighbor's new Renault - I penned my first car design. I then started doing surveys (complete with clipboard) to find out about family and friends' car needs, and designed cars for them based on their input.

Ever since, I've sought to use design to improve people's lives, and understand how what I'm designing fits into the bigger context.

I'm based in the Baltimore area, north of the city, and prior to that lived and worked in San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley. I was born in London, England.

On the Star Wars Meyers Briggs, I'm Obi Wan Kenobi (largely an INFJ, if that's your thing).


I've photographed for my entire life, with an emphasis on landscape and urban imagery. My photography portfolio is at Adam John Richardson Photography. I combined my passions for photography and classic product design in my side-project, Mass Made Soul, which features write-ups and photographs of my modest collection of vintage Olivetti and other products.


I received my BFA in Industrial Design with High Distinction from California College of the Arts in San Francisco. I was named in the top 100 most significant alumni of the school’s first 100 years.

I earned my Master's in Humanities from University of Chicago, where I did a custom mix of sociology, ethnography, anthropology, and art history to do an early version of a “design research” program, before such a term existed.