Innovation & Experience Strategy

The "next big thing" for your customer experience needs to be planned and implemented in concert with a broader innovation roadmap. And both need to be driven by the imperatives of the overall business strategy.

Together, we'll work through the key challenges:

  • How do you uniquely provide value to customers?
  • What are the opportunities, threats, and underlying trends in the business?
  • How beholden to legacy business are you, and how much are you willing to cannibalize?
  • If targeting a new customer segment, what needs to be different with the offering, messaging, channels, revenue model, and the experience itself?
  • What is the future vision for the experience, and what's the roadmap to get there?
  • How are you prioritizing your innovation portfolio and the backlog? What are you not going to focus on?


Multi-vector Analysis

Create a holistic view and make sense of the trends by connecting insights from multiple domains:

  • Customer research, analytics and insights
  • Marketing and Brand
  • Design
  • Engineering and R&D
  • Competitors and Comparables
  • Organizational capabilities and IP
  • Sales and acquisition channels

Core Insights

These are the "know-why" counterpart to the "know how" of core competencies:

  • Logical yet unexpected in nature - often derived from the dot-connecting of multi-vector analysis.
  • Provide forward-looking understanding of customer needs, behaviors.
  • Hard for competitors to reverse engineer, keeping them one step behind.

For more on core insights, see my book, Innovation X, and my article for Harvard Business Review.

Experience Roadmap

Whether you're starting new or evolving an existing experience, I can help with:

  • Audit the existing experience with an outsider perspective.
  • Define the future vision and stages of roadmap to get there.
  • Leads into more detailed work on customer journey maps, service blueprints, etc.