Customer Journey Mapping

Every company provides a customer experience. Your company does too, regardless of whether you create it intentionally. The question is, how well is it working for the customer, and how well does it support your business goals?

  • Motivations: Why is the customer seeking to start the journey in the first place? How does this change as they become more engaged with your company/product/brand?
  • Actions: What are the steps they take, or want to take but maybe can't?
  • Barriers: What are the things preventing them from moving to the next stage in the journey?
  • Emotions: How do they feel as they move through the journey? What are the emotional peaks and valleys?

From this foundation, we can assess the effectiveness of your current journey and where it needs rethinking and supplementing. This can be targeted on a particular type of customer interaction, or look more holistically at the entire customer lifecycle (which typically contains multiple sub-journeys). This can also span various touchpoints - web, mobile, physical product, email, phone, in-person, retail, affiliated partners...

It's equally important to look "under the hood" at what is happening behind the scenes to support or hinder the journey, regardless of org chart structure and departmental silos. This is where "service blueprinting" comes in.

onboarding flows.jpg