Blog Address Simplification

I finally got around to the various technical hurdles required to combine this blog with my personal domain, so now you don’t have to type in the “squarespace” part of the address. Just go to Plus it makes it easier to tell all your friends!

I have to say that while Squarespace made it pretty easy to do this, and has an arrangement with a domain registration/web hosting company to do it automatically, it was still a rather complicated process. A large part of that was because I had to first transfer the domain to somebody that would allow me to do the DNS trickery to get it to work (my old domain registrar wouldn’t, so I transferred to Squarespace’s suggested provider). This by itself was a convoluted process requiring several chat and phone sessions with the old providers technical support.

It’s one of those computer things where just because the customer (me in this case) includes a couple of acronyms in their request for help, the tech support people assume you are a fellow geek, and they start spewing jargon-filled requests at you. While I’m pretty tech savvy overall I don’t spend a lot of time reading manuals on DNS settings and such. The fact is I really didn’t know what I was doing, I was just parroting what the Squarespace tutorial told me to say, I didn’t have much clue what was going on under the hood. So when things didn’t work the way I expected I had no idea why and didn’t know who to ask which questions.

The internet still has a long way to go before it becomes consumer-friendly.