The laws of tech media

In an article on The Verge about the U2 album being pushed into users' iTunes libraries, PeteCE wrote this great comment that nicely captures much of what is wrong with tech journalism (though for the record I find The Verge pretty much the best general tech site):

In the book of Gawker which The Verge has begun using, Chapter “Race to the Bottom,” it states, “And in thine headlines, thou shalt useth leading verbiage which shall baiteth thine readers into clicking. In the final third of thine story, thou shalt backtracketh on all controversy in the headline through the use of facts, so as to dispel the anger of the part of thine audience that is still reading. A higher placement of facts in the story shall not occur, as it may offend those who clicked on thine article to confirm their bias against thine subject.
Adam Richardson