Beautiful: Mercedes 2015 S-Class Coupe

I'm not a Mercedes-Benz kind of guy. Their sedans have never done anything for me. But their big coupes are often very nicely done, from the famous 300 SL gullwing to the lesser known 220S coupe featured in the film A Single Man, to the more modern CLK.

The 2015 S-Class Coupe is a brilliant addition to this lineage. It's easily the best looking vehicle Mercedes has made in many years, simplifying the baroque-ly surface sculpting and drooping curves slicing through the flanks that featured on so many of their recent cars. It's beautiful.

Likewise Mercedes' interiors in the last ten years have been to me ungainly conglomerations of bulbous shapes and stuck-on barnacles of circular buttons and vents. The new S-Class Coupe doesn't entirely escape this look and is still overly busy, but it does a much better job of integrating the many elements together. The stepped dash is vaguely vintage , but with forms and materials that are thoroughly modern and giving Bentley a run for its money in combining luxury and sport.

Nicely done Mercedes.