My podcast favorites

Ars Technica is celebrating the ten year anniversary of podcasts, and has put up a list of its editors favorites. I've been doing a lot of podcast listening recently due to my 2-3 hour per day commute, so here are the ones I've been enjoying:

99 Percent Invisible: This American Life for design and architecture is how I think about 99 Percent Invisible. Flat out my favorite podcast at the moment and I'm hungrily going through the archives. If you're a designer, architect or even remotely interested in the material world, you need to be listening to this show.

The Bugle: John Oliver is best known for his biting comedy on The Daily Show and his new HBO show This Week Tonight. Paired with fellow British comedian Andy Zaltzman, The Bugle is almost 300 episodes worth of raucous satire. Regular segments include commentary on current events, "In the Bin", pun runs, "fuckeulogies" and many references to cricket and football (the proper kind). (Programming note: The Bugle is currently on hiatus as Oliver spins up his new show, and much of the current broadcast have been from their earlier Political Animal show. I don't care for it as much as they role-play in it as opposed to riffing on current events. Go back into the archives a bit earlier this year.)

Slate's Lexicon Valley: Featuring Mark Vuolo and Bob Garfield (also of NPR's On the Media) discussing language. They don't take it too seriously, and there's plenty of humor and personal barbs to go along with the ever-interesting histories of words and languages. My favorite episode: a fascinating tour of the origins and uses of the word "dude" - it's got much more depth than you might think.

Planet Money: The Planet Money crew is constantly finding fascinating and engaging ways to talk about all aspects of the economy, from the Fed to the global economy, from trade tax quirks to money in popular culture. I me, it's great stuff!

All Songs Considered: Host Bob Boilen is joined by a regular cast of music experts and commentators with an incredibly diverse taste in music. I don't like everything they play but I always find new songs, albums and artists to check out.

Radiolab: Fascinating deep-dives into social science, psychology, the environment, botany, astrophysics....pretty much every corner of science you can imagine. Brilliantly and creatively told and edited stories from dynamic duo Robert Krulwich and Jad Abumrad.