It's the Little Things

I use the TweetDeck app in Chrome, and while it generally works fine there’s one thing that drives me nuts about it - the fact that you can’t Follow someone while looking at their Tweet history.

When I’m considering following someone I of course first bring up their profile card. For example I’m a big fan of Planet Money:


The next thing I do is look at the number of Tweets, but then I always look at the Tweets themselves by clicking on that number (6,669 in the case of Planet Money). This brings up another card which is a list of recent Tweets:


From here I can get a sense of the quality of the Tweets and whether a high volume Tweeter is going to be just clutter in my feed or something worthwhile. OK, Planet Money, you’re looking good, I’ll follow you… Oh, and I can’t from this screen. All I can do here is Add a Column - why would I do that for a single account? Instead I have to go back to the previous card and Follow from there.

Twitter has significantly updated the TweetDeck Chrome app several times in the past year but this annoyance persists.

OK, nothing world ending here, but Twitter is supposed to be about speed, nimbleness, fluidity, and this one just consistently trips me up and gets int he way.