I've neglected my site and blog for far too long. I've felt guilty about not blogging more, but life gets in the way, you know how it is. In my mind it became an ever more daunting task to write another blog post, like putting off a dentist visit so long it takes on the magnitude of a guilt-ridden Everest expedition.

I'm fairly active on Twitter, and the excuse I gave myself was "Nobody blogs anymore, Twitter's where it's at." Hey, it's one of those little lies we all tell ourselves. But while I like Twitter there's just times where 140 characters doesn't cut it.

I also wanted to switch my site over to the new version of the blogging platform I use, Squarespace.

So after much delay I've finally gotten around to it. The site now uses one of Squarespace's cutting edge templates, is much cleaner looking, is responsive for any screen size, and has all kinds of nifty features that will make life easier to keep it engaging and up to date.

I hope you like it. I've been so inactive that I've got very few subscribers these days, but if you're still watching, drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you.

I do plan on blogging more, but I need to mentally unshackle myself from a couple of constraints: I've done relatively long-form pieces in the past (certainly by today's standards), and I need to be OK with doing short pieces that are too long for Twitter but which aren't the lengthy pieces I did before.

Second, I want to blog more about my other interests and loosen the focus on design, user experience and technology that I've mostly blogged about to date. I'll still write on those topics, but I want to make the site a more well-rounded reflection of me. I'm amazed by some colleagues who seem to have an endless stream of pithy things to say about web design or mobile technology. Much as I might like to have that disciplined , that ain't me. And I gotta be me.

Adam Richardson