Update on the HTC One X performance

AT&T just rolled out an update for the HTC One X that I bought and wrote about recently. It includes a number of small enhancements, such as better access to 3rd party media apps like Pandora in Car Mode (which I’m using all the time and love now I’m commuting by car every day).

But the most welcome improvement is in system responsiveness. Gone are the pauses between switching apps, the app and Web Page reloads when returning to an app, and the occasional jitters when doing swipes between home screens. This was my only major gripe with the phone. It’s now a significantly faster feeling phone (not that it was exactly slow before). Very nice.

I haven’t used it enough yet to know if it has also fixed the problem of media apps stopping when run in the background if you try to do too many other things at once. Other reports on forums indicate that this has been improved also.

The only problem so far is that the update is causing Chrome to be buggy with tabs and sometimes with pages loading. It’s intermittent so hard to pin down.

On a related note, SwiftKey 3 came out of beta shortly after my last post, and it’s fantastic. It sounds like the new version of Android, Jelly Bean, contains a stock keyboard that bears quite a resemblance to SwiftKey in features and capabilities, but for now I’m very happy with the combo I have.