TEDx Taipei

Here are some photos from the TEDx Taipei event which occurred yesterday. It was a great event, super well organized, with excellent speakers all around. Congrats to Kevin, Jason and the whole team for putting on a terrific show. There were many people I didn’t get photos of, this is just a small selection of what was on offer.

The event was held in a renovated space that is now an arts/culture center


Jason and Kevin on stage

Dinner the night before, with the group Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group doing a sketch based around Michael Jackson, and with a performance of Thriller.

TEDx Day

Jason doing introductionsZoo Nutritionist demonstrating zoo feeding practices with volunteersAnother zoo feeding practice: the Pinata

A chalk wall for people to leave messages
Designer Alice Wang presenting. This is what it feels like on-stage, a blurThe BaBa Band

Taiwan tennis professional and advocate Jeff Hsu

Dancer Fang-Yi Sheu