Google Chrome OS is coming

You could see this one coming a mile off: Google will be launching a new OS based on the Chrome browser.

Whereas Microsoft tried to blend the browser into the OS, Google is going the opposite route and turning the browser into the OS. It was clear from the get-go that the Chrome browser was being designed as almost as a mini OS in itself, able to run applications within (each with their own tabs and threads that could be killed independently if they went off the rails). Now they are just extending that a step further.

Sounds like they are targeting Netbooks as the first foothold - will be interesting to see how that plays out against Android, which would seem to have been their heir to that category, scaled up from its smartphone roots. Google is placing the separation between phones and netbooks, whereas others see phones and netbooks as being part of one category, and laptops/desktops sitting in another category. Jury is still out on that one.

With Apps, Docs, Gears, Chrome Browswer and now OS, and Android, Google is filling in the map of all the chokepoints of the computing experience…

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