Speaking at Sustainable Brands Conference

Myself and a couple of colleagues — Sara Louise Todd and Mary Anne Masterston — will be running a workshop as part of the Sustainable Brands Conference in Monterey, CA, in early June. The line-up of speakers is impressive, including frog’s own Robert Fabricant talking about Project M. If you’re into this area and are in the fortunate position of having a travel/conference budget, it should be a good conference.

They haven’t updated the workshop description yet from the original one we sent them before we’d finalized the workshop agenda, so here are more details. Our workshop is coming at the end of the conference, so we are using as an opportunity to help people frame the ideas they’ve been hearing/thinking about into something actionable:

What do you do on Monday morning?

How do you convert the ideas and examples you’ve been hearing about in the previous days into action in your own organization? How do you synthesize everything you’ve absorbed into something comprehensive and meaningful to your company? How does what you’ve learned this week apply directly to your company’s long-term goals?

Using our frogThinkTM creative work session methods, we’ll take you through a series of activities that will assist you in applying your inspired energy from the week into actionable goals. This will be a high energy, hands-on, collaborative workshop, out of which you will get a distilled set of ideas and next steps, written down in a form to be easily shared with others on Monday morning.

Using a series of provocations we will help you explore the long-term positioning of your brand. Next we will provide approaches to define the first steps in getting you there, acknowledging the challenging economic client in the near-term. Activities will be team-based, but your take-a-ways will be focused directly on your individual needs and circumstance.