US Car-Makers: Let One of 'Em Fail

So says my frog colleague Marc Fenigstein in a provocative post.

As GM and Chrysler come back for more soup and our political system consideres not if but how we will refill their bowls (again), I am boiling with rage. Not the rage already expressed publicly by thousands and felt by millions that these companies are failures that produced the wrong products, poorly and inefficiently, and because they couldn’t sell them to us willfully are now snatching our wallets in a back alley. Nope, I feel that rage too, but this rage is that all three of them have the audacity to collude, to form an effective monopoly, to hold the American public hostage and our political system allows it because we don’t think of them as individual companies we think of them as the storied American Auto Industry. It’s an interesting take on pride in the American Auto Industry that we’re actually enabling them to continue to sully a 60 year tradition of the best automobiles in the world. It is time to shift our thinking. It is also time to let them fail.

He continues with the most humorous analogies I’ve seen of Mad Max and Thunderdome and this wonderful marked-up image of Jenga:

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