New Site Goodness

I’ve been doing some modifications to my blog that those of you who subscribe through RSS might want to know about:

  • I’ve added a list of live feeds from blogs that I follow, courtesy of Google Reader (quite nifty)
  • I’ve shifted the rather stale blogroll I had on the side into its own page, and it is now tied to my Google Reader also. So it gets updated as I add/subtract subscriptions.
  • I’ve updated the main navigation to include links for a page of favorite posts from the past (the blog archive is now in the same place)
  • I’ve taken more advantage of the capabilities in the new version of Squarespace (the blogging platform I use) to adjust what’s on the sidebars per page. As you navigate through the different areas of the site you’ll see the sidebar content change contextually.
  • Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles added to the About Me sidebar widget.

 Have a look!