Boeing 747, A Design Classic, 40 Years Old

Jonathan Glancey of The Guardian has written up a nice piece about one of those products we take for granted, the Boeing 747. It had its maiden flight in February 1969, forty years ago. We take it for granted because it is so ubiquitous and does its job with so little drama (very few ever crash, it’s one of the safest planes around despite its size). I remember flying in a 747 after not having been in one for a couple of years, and being taken aback all over again how gigantic they are inside. They are cavernous, and you feel like you have to walk for miles to get to the loo.

To say that the Boeing 747 revolutionised civil aviation would be an understatement. Not only was the aircraft huge – a mechanical elephant - but it promised lower fares for millions of people who may never have flown at all, let alone long-haul. For better or worse, the jumbo jet did its bit to democratise air travel.

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Hat tip, City of Sound