Who's Qualified to Create Our Social Future?

Does anyone else find it ironic that the people who are creating sites such as Facebook and Twitter, who are shaping so much of our online social experience, are the same people (i.e. computer geeks) who are stereotypically socially inept? Talk about the inmates running the asylum!

Are we being set up for a workable and worthwhile future of social interactions, or are we slowly poisoning our ability to be truly social?

My colleague Eleanor Davies, based in frog’s Stuttgart studio, has written an enjoyable and interesting article about how constant status updates are shifting our perceptions about everyday life.

She says,

Not only is the location of our new communication worrying, but the content and format is reducing our previously complex communication skills, which have formed and evolved as we have. The etiquette and elegance with which humans have learnt to interact varies intricately between cultures. The way in which we articulate our thoughts can in turn influence the way we think – and it is this relationship that becomes an ‘Alert’ when projecting the effect of ‘Shout’ culture.

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