The Logic Behind the Consumer Device Economy

The Onion nicely parodies the often irrational (but highly predictable) drivers behind the constant treadmill of electronic gizmo introductions and the unrelenting consumer interest:

With the holiday shopping season officially under way, millions of consumers proceeded to their nearest commercial centers this week in hopes of acquiring the latest, and therefore most desirable, personal device.

The device, which is never named, retails for $395.

“Its higher price indicates to me that it is superior, and that not everyone will be able to afford it, which only makes me want to possess it more,” said Tim Sturges, owner of the old device, which he obtained 18 months ago when it was still the new device. “I feel a strong urge to purchase the new device. Owning the new device will please me and improve my daily life.”

“It’s difficult to remember how I ever found enjoyment in my old device,” Sturges continued. “It is no longer appealing to the eye.”

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A couple of related videos, also from The Onion (very funny, but the second one about Sony is perhaps best first listened to with headphones in an office environment!):

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