Method Home Lets You Know What's Up

I just visited the Method Home site to see if they sold bulk packages of their O-Mop compost-able floor cloths (no) when I noticed a curious statement below the logo on their homepage: “Method is back on this side of the pond”. It is formatted like a Twitter feed or a Facebook status update, and lo and behold, that’s basically what it is. (So far as I can tell, it is separate from their actual Twitter feed.)

Hovering over the status reveals a bit more. Clicking on it takes you to their blog (which is a real blog, not a pseudo blog)

When Eric Ryan spoke at a frog design event a couple of years ago he said something which I’ve always liked: “Style is what gets someone into a brand, substance is what keeps them there.” This little touch is another example of how they continually act with authenticity and not just green hot air.