Happy 25th birthday, Macintosh

Twenty five years ago today, the Macintosh was announced with the iconic commercial that appeared for the one time only on the Superbowl.

I first started using a Mac probably around 1989 and have been using them continuously since then. That first one was a 9” black and white jobbie, used for running Adobe PageMaker (very slowly) to help produce the college newspaper. At the school they had an early Mac lab and one of the first laser printers, which some wag system administrator called “Godot” because you were constantly waiting for it.

A Powerbook 180 got me through grad school and writing my thesis, and that was actually a great little machine. An iBook joined me when I ran my own business. We then got a G5 tower for home, which is a work of art inside and out; servicing it feels like you’re taking apart an aircraft. And since then it’s been a string of Powerbooks and MacBooks Pros (one of which was a real dud, it has to be said, but my current one is great).

Here is a video of a very young Steve Jobs introducing the Mac to 3,000 spectators a few days before the Superbowl ad aired. As you can see, he has always been quite the showman.

This article at Computer World has a number of other videos to do with the launch, all interesting and quite humorous.

Here’s to twenty five more years.

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