Disassembled appliances

Iron. © Brittny Badger

Brittny Badger has produced a wonderful series of still-life photos of disassembled small electric appliances, such as a waffle iron, electric knife, and a can opener. Rather than the usual slapdash tear-down photos one sees of the latest tech gadget, these are artfully composed images that show the inner complexity of mundane objects that we typically take for granted.

As my colleague Denise Gershbein says:

Seeing the sheer number and varying size of parts that go into a simple juicer reminds us how complex are the objects of our disposable consumer culture. Every little part is designed by someone. Every piece has meaning and function. Everything that is created has the potential for elegance, thoughtfulness, appropriateness. The spectrum of colors, the materials and finishes, and the positive and negative spaces within and around coils, cogs and wires all come together to form a surprisingly appealing palette.
Waffle Iron. © Brittny BadgerBlender. © Brittny BadgerSee the full set on Flickr