Computer Museum

I stumbled across a rather good computer museum while in Paris, at the top of the Grande Arche of all places. It had a great collection of vintage gear. Here are a few of the more interesting images of some classic computing paraphenalia. You can see the whole gallery here.

The Apple IIc, designed by frog design, where I work, back in the day

A rather interesting leather-wrapped one designed to mimic a briefcase, for the high-powered executive looking to lug around 20 pounds of gear

Ah, the Sinclair ZX81, which I learned to program in BASIC on. Very cheap, very slow, very little memory (1 kilobyte of RAM, no hard drive), but actually quite innovative in many ways.


The “Trash 80” from Radio Shack. Back when Radio Shack was a computing super-power…

No idea what these buttons do, but they look cool

A recreated “typical” teenage computer geek bedroom, circa 1982

I’m not sure that “Environment of exploitation” means the same thing in French as it does in English, but it is humorously apropos for Microsoft

A Cray Super Computer in stylish green vinyl. When it’s cold in the winter, you can sit on its warming bench.

Lastly, some switches on an old piece of equipment