Take Back the Tour

The Tour de France is going on at the moment and is desparately trying to put the doping scandals of the last few years behind it. Unfortunately today it was revealed the rider Manuel Beltran tested positive for doping and will be kicked out and faces up to a five year prison term if the confirmation test comes back positive also. In the US the Tour is shown on Versus and they have a couple of ad spots which are really good. Both take head on the topic of doping.

This first one sets the tone of getting back to the joy of cycling and the essence of the Tour:

This second one is a bit more subtle, showing prominent riders going backwards in various ways. This includes Floyd Landis who had his Tour win in 2006 revoked after testing positive, taking OFF the yellow jersey (which the Tour leader wears). Ouch. But the idea of rebooting the vaunted event is great.