Jan Chipchase Featured in New Scientist Magazine

New Scientist magazine has a good interview with roving Nokia researcher Jan Chipchase. He travels around the world observing and photographing how people live their lives, and how mobile phones fit into that. It’s kind of amazing that Nokia allows him to blog about it as much as he does, normally a large corporation would keep a much tighter lid on this kind of research. But he’s a good ambassador for the brand, and I’m sure there’s plenty he doesn’t make public (including the all-important conclusions!).

I appreciate Chipchase’s modesty: he avoids the term anthropologist as he’s not trained as one (a refreshing change from some other people who have adopted that bandwagon label), and he also doesn’t get too caught up in only seeing the world from the point of view of a mobile phone. As he says on his blog “life is way more interesting than little lumps of plastic and metal”.

His blog is well worth checking out if you haven’t seen it already, with lots of fascinating photos of details of life from around the world.