Speaking About Green

I’m participating in a couple of sustainability-related events coming up:

April 1: Design Green Now, in Bellingham, WA. Along with panelists Sophia Wang Traweek, Arunas Oslapas and Marc Stoiber, I’ll be giving a short presentation and then we will have discussion and Q&A. It’s happening at the University of Western Washington. More info.

May 15-16:  Sustainable Design Seminar. Fellow frog Sara Louise Todd and I will be running a 2-day seminar for the Design Management Institute on sustainable design. This will be held in San Francisco, at frog design’s new studio which is set to open in the next couple of weeks. I’m looking forward to this one as it’s providing us a focal point for synthesizing a lot of the thinking that’s been going on about sustainability at frog. We are working hard to make it full of information that covers familiar issues like materials and process choices, but also tackles more front-end strategic choices.

This seminar will address the fundamental issues of sustainable design and introduce a broad range of frameworks and concepts for tackling the often fundamental changes that are required in how a company approaches design and manufacturing. Drawing from a wide range of sources and case studies as well as frog’s own experience, we will discuss the key issues framing sustainable design, how it can be evangelized and initiated in an organization, and how it impacts on choices of product planning, production partners, brand and marketing. The seminar will combine presentations with hands-on activities and breakout groups, wherever possible using the participants’ own products, organizations, and experiences as sources of challenges and opportunities.

Registration is required for this one, and DMI are expecting that it will fill up (there’s capacity for about 25 participants). We will be doing a repeat performance in October in Denver, CO, also.

More info.