DMI Seminar on Sustainable Design

dmi_logo.gifIn May, fellow frog Sara Louise Todd and myself will be running a two-day workshop for Design Management Institute on sustainable design. It will be taking place in San Francisco and will cover the foundations of sustainable or “green” design, mostly as it relates to products. It should be an interesting and fairly intensive workshop that we are looking forward to. There is space for about 25 or 30 participants, so if you’re interested head on over to the DMI site and register.

Description from DMI site

The topic of sustainable or “green” design is of increasing urgency to companies involved in product development. In the last year we have seen a tipping point of public interest and concern over global climate change, fueled by massive media interest. Companies which are not addressing sustainable design risk both legislative as well as brand and sales impacts. Recent surveys have shown that key customer segments are willing to pay more in order to buy greener products.

This seminar will address the fundamental issues of sustainable design and introduce a broad range of frameworks and concepts for tackling the often fundamental changes that are required in how a company approaches design and manufacturing. Drawing from a wide range of sources and case studies as well as frog’s own experience, we will discuss the key issues framing sustainable design, how it can be evangelized and initiated in an organization, and how it impacts on choices of product planning, production partners, brand and marketing. The seminar will combine presentations with hands-on activities and breakout groups, wherever possible using the participants’ own products, organizations, and experiences as sources of challenges and opportunities.

Adam Richardson and Sara Todd are two leaders of frog design’s sustainable design initiative, which involves making frog itself a greener company, as well as assisting frog’s diverse range of clients develop their products in more sustainable ways.

What you will learn:

  • How conventional materials and processes impact on the environment and human health, and which ones are the most important to reduce
  • The fundamental principles of good sustainable design practice
  • The forces pushing (e.g. legislation) and pulling (e.g. consumer demand) on companies to become more sustainable in product design and manufacturing
  • Which companies (both start-ups and large corporations) have successfully shifted to a more sustainable approach, and how they did it
  • How you conduct a Life Cycle Analysis of a product to examine its environmental and human health impact
  • The brand impacts of sustainable design, and how you avoid consumer and media backlash for perceived faults in sustainable implementation

Who should attend:

This seminar is ideal for anyone seeking to get a fundamental grounding in the issues of sustainable design, and who is looking to initiate more sustainable practices within their own organization. The topics are relevant to both corporate and consultant managers.

How you will benefit:

You will receive an intensive introduction to the broad topic of sustainable design, and the lively format will be both inspiring and pragmatic in nature. You will learn core concepts illustrated through case studies, and bring these concepts back home to your own situation through hands-on exercises that draw on your own organization’s products and circumstances.

Dates and locations:

May 15-16, 2008, San Francisco, USA

The seminar will be from 9:00 until 5:00 on Thursday, and from 9:00 until noon on Friday. The venue for this seminar has not been announced. We strongly encourage registering at least two weeks prior to the actual seminar date.