The Wonders of the London Underground

Dan Wilson has written up his favo(u)rite things about the London Underground, or the Tube as it is more commonly known. I know many Londoners hate it, but as someone who grew up in London and visits there occasionally, it is an amazing resource that puts many other metropolitan mass transit systems to shame. (Hello, BART.)

He writes:

For my money, there are few British institutions as marvellous as the London Undergound. From humble beginnings as a cut-and-cover route between Paddington and Farringdon as the world’s first underground railway, to the major engineering feats of the deep tunnels of the Northern line and the far-reaching suburban branches north, south, east and west, it’s an awe inspiring achievement of engineering and organisation. I’ve heard it said that more people travel on the Tube each day than on the rest of the rail network put together. It’s an amazing thing, that Tube, and very few folk give it credit as it rumbles them to work and fun and home again.

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