Arm and Hammer Essentials Cleaners

I’ve recently seen some commercials for an Essentials line of cleaning products from Arm and Hammer, and I’m really liking the concept behind the products. I haven’t used them so can’t talk to efficacy, but the concept is brilliant and really shows a more thorough approach to sustainability.

As you can sort of see from the picture above, attached to the top of each bottle is a cylinder. This cylinder is a cartridge that contains a concentrate. When you get the bottle home, you fill it with water and then attach that cartridge to the top of the bottle. Now when you squeeze the trigger you get a spray that is made up of tap water mixed on the fly with the concentrate in the cartridge.

This is very clever for two reasons:

  1. The bottle ships empty of liquid. Liquid is heavy. So this cuts down massively on the amount of energy required to haul the bottles around the country for distribution.
  2. The cartridge approach means that you can simply buy new cartridges (shown below) when you want to restock, you keep the bottle you have. This reduces the waste of the bottle itself.

Arm and Hammer also claims the ingredients are “plant based” and/or biodegradable, though as always with such claims the devil is in the details.

Nevertheless, kudos to Arm and Hammer for taking an innovative approach to their packaging and distribution. Is it perfect? No, but it’s a bold first step designed to appeal to a mass-market audience from a brand that has built some light green credentials from its baking soda legacy.

Arm and Hammer Essentials website