Blogging on Cnet

I’m excited to say that myself and my colleague from frog design, Tim Leberecht, are now blogging on Cnet. Our blog, Matter/Anti-Matter is one of Cnet’s network of blogs. We’ve left it pretty open what we are going to be talking about, preferring to let it emerge over time, but loosely speaking we are focusing on convergence of products, services and the web. Physical and the non-physical, get it?

But we’ll also be looking at divergence - how companies have to be constantly looking outside their core business for new opportunities. It’s this mix of convergence and divergence that is creating so much of the creative energy in today’s economy. Companies must be converging and diverging simultaneously, coming together and apart, like matter and anti-matter reacting when they come in contact.

Check it out and join us as we figure it out!

(By the way, forgive the goofy picture of us that’s there as of 9/25. We’re trying to get it fixed…) 

(Tim also has his own eclectic blog, iPlot.)