Beijing Solves the Pollution Problem for the Olympics

The Olympic authorities getting ready for the Beijing Olympics next year have solved the air pollution prolem which has been causing concern for atheletes and visitors alike.

Turning to an unlikely but logical source, the city has commissioned The Sharper Image to construct a skyscraper that is actually a giant version of one of their patented Ionic Breeze air purifiers. As you can see from the photo, it is close to completion and has already started clearing the surrounding air. The skyscraper actually swivels from side to side as it works, which as you might imagine could cause some motion sickness for the 850 inhabitants. The famed architectural engineering firm Arup was retained to develop a special damping mechanism that minimizes the apparent motion. No word on the warranty offered on the lifespan of the building, or whether The Sharper Image’s arch rival Brookstone would try for similar bragging rights before the Olympics come around in 2008.