Green Design Mind

frogdesignmind.jpgI’m excited to say that we have published a new issue of the frog Design Mind, frog’s bi-monthly newsletter. This is a special issue dedicated to the topic of green design, and I had the pleasure and privilege of coordinating it. I think we’ve got some pretty interesting articles that look at the challenge of more eco-friendly design from wide range of perspectives. This is part of a broader effort within frog of becoming a more green-focused company, both working with clients and with our own operations, of which more will be rolled out in the coming months. This is just a first public step.

There are ten articles, some essays, others photo explorations which are a mix of design, technology, brand, marketing, and economics approaches to green design.

My particular article, The Tragedy of the Commons argues that we need to add an “E-Factor” to the typical triad of Business, People and Technology that is used to evaluate the appropriateness of new products and innovations. Sometimes this means taking the blasphemous step of ignoring what we find in customer-centered research.

We’ll have a few podcasts coming in the next week or so, too. 

Read it here.