The IIT Strategy Conference (Website)

I’m not at the IIT Strategy conference this year, unfortunately, so am experiencing it vicariously through its blog. Very nice that they have a blog, however it has some design problems of its own:

  • First, it’s impossible to find. There is no link to it from the main conference webpage. I had to go to the ID main page to find a link to it. Come on guys, let’s take into account the whole user experience
  • There is no way to see older articles, other than going to categories. Once in a category you can navigate with next/previous post links at the top of the page, but for some reason Typepad doesn’t seem to do that for the main blog. In this case there is no date-sorted archive. And for an event that only lasts a couple of days, why even bother with dates? Just dump everything onto one long page.
Though I have to say I enjoyed the editor’s note to the entry on Charles Cascio of ETS, who talked about the work frog has been doing with them, “The crowd breathed a sigh of relief that this wasn’t another ‘saved-by-IDEO’ presentation.” :)