Speaking at MX Conference


I’m going to speaking at the MX Conference put on by the nice folks at Adaptive Path the week after next. They’ve got a great line-up of speakers, it should be a really interesting event. They’ll also have podcasts lined up on IT Conversations, which is terrific.

Here’s an abstract:

“Managing Schizophrenic Projects”

The talk will focus on the increasing need of companies today to deal with “schizophrenic” challenges in creating compelling and profitable user experiences: a long-term vision and roadmap must be developed simultaneous with defining near term offerings and tactical development decisions. This leads to tensions and organizational obstacles that need to be managed effectively. Using the example of the Alltel Celltop product – an innovative approach to improving phone navigation and data applications on a mobile handset – this talk will look at dealing with the complex challenges schizophrenic projects create.