"Good Design" from American Express

I got some sort of offer in the mail from American Express the other day. The introductory paragraph states “With American Express, enjoy the benefits of up to 5% cash back, forward-thinking design, and the long-standing tradition of American Express Service excellence.”

Intrigued as to how forward-thinking design applies to Am Ex, I read on. Unfortunately the notion of design didn’t show up anywhere else in the letter, so it’s a bit hard to know exactly what aspect of the card or service they are considering “forward-thinking” in its design. Two possibilities come to mind:

  1. American Express knows I work in the design field, and have cunningly persoanlized the opening message. Seems possible but unlikely. (What would they say for those in the culinary field, for example? “Forward-thinking flavor profile”?)
  2. American Express is using “design” gratuitously because it’s the hot trend of the moment and goes along with their “innovation” message mentioned elsewhere in the ltter. Hmm, more likely.
Yes, we are back to the 80’s where “designer” was added to everything, like scents and plaid furniture.