Communicating by Accident is Still Communicating with Meaning

cnet_political.jpgSomething I try to constantly impress on clients is that everything you do and say as a company says something, regardless of whether you intend it to or not, and whether you’ve consciously tried to manage that communication. Lack of attention to a particular customer touchpoint, be it packaging, website, service call or the product itself, is as much a message as is putting a huge amount of care and attention to those same things. It just says “we don’t care about you” rather than “thank you” or “we appreciate you.” Since you are putting those things out into the world anyway, it’s far better to make them good and consistent rather than bad and lumpy.

Check out this list of worst political websites graciously put together by Cnet. Their commentary is spot on and priceless. You will not enjoy 10 minutes more than perusing through these (especially in the US, where you might have heard we have an election coming up soon).

You’d think politicians, who are primarly in the communications business, would be better at this type of thing, but then I guess I give too much credit. But really, if Mark Foley can figure out IM at his advanced age, you’d think some of these people could drag their websites out of the circa 1995 era animated “under construction” signs. While we need to spray some Tufte on James Wright’s site (bold and underline and CAPS and multi-color, with Comic Sans used on a single line for emphasis in between Times Roman!), I think my favorite, being a dog owner, is that of Shawn O’Donnell of Virginia, who gets his dog to write his blog for him. And not just one posting. Oh no. The whole darn shooting match. Check it out.