Financial Engines is America’s largest independent registered financial advisor, with a mission to help everyday people achieve more secure financial futures. FE provides services through 600 of America’s top employers, and has 125+ retail locations, with a reach of 9 million people, and manages over $100 billion in assets (compared to $3b for Betterment, for example).

As Group Product Manger, Consumer Experience, at FE I help lead the design, development and go-to-market of new consumer products and services, including SaaS/web-based experiences, email, as well as advisors in a Phoenix-based call-center and the 125 retail locations. I play an experience architect role across UX, dev and marketing teams, and engage many other stakeholders to create alignment and bring new experiences to market. I have also played a more hands-on PM role with two Agile teams (developers + designers), with which we pioneered at FE more sophisticated front-end design and dev, MVP practices, continuous deployment, a new technology stack (SPA, AWS, etc), and new prototyping/collaboration tools (Axure,, Invision).

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Reimagining The Customer Experience

I currently lead an effort to reimagine the Financial Engines' core customer experience, encompassing the customer dashboard, sign-up and login process, key product emails (over 1M/yr sent), other landing pages, and "Action Flows" (described below). This also touches on interactions with advisors over the phone and in-person, and marketing and campaign materials.

This experience has key metrics to drive engagement/awareness/usage, shift customers to better financial outcomes, and establish new experience patterns/frameworks that can be leveraged broadly.

The first steps on implementing this new experience are leading to a 125% increase in usage of FE's service, and more up-sell opportunities into the premium service.

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Action Flows to Engage and make progress

"Action Flows" are the solution we created to two problems:

  • Retirement planning is complex, and hard to see how you're making progress. Action Flows break it into bite-size chunks that can be spread out over time. They are personalized, and show the immediate impact of changes.
  • Historically, FE's service has been hard to reach due to several institutional barriers. Action Flows pull much of the functionality available on the customer site out from these barriers, increasing awareness of FE's advisory capabilities.

Consumers who use Action Flows are 2x more likely to have improved their investments mix and income in retirement. In 2016, Action Flows added almost 200,000 net new interactions with FE that wouldn't have been possible before.

Simplifying the Complexity of Social Security

I led the design, development and launch of a Social Security planning product. Social Security is far more complex than most people realize, and it's not easy to understand how it will combine with your other investments and income streams. The existing online planners were too complicated, too expensive, or both. We saw an opportunity to create something simple (but not simplistic) that would be easy to use, and would be a differentiator for FE's services overall.

This was one of the most successful launches in FE's history, with enthusiastic response from end customers, and rapid adoption by corporate clients and institutional partners, helping lead to several major contracts. To date, we have found over $4 billion in additional benefits for people.

(Note, this visual design is still in FE's older style.)

Explainer Videos

As part of the work we also produced several short explainer videos about important retirement related topics. These were very popular, with an 85% completion rate.