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After 8+ years in creative and strategy lead roles at frog design, I was tasked with helping rebrand and reposition frog's parent company. Aricent has 33 offices and 10,000 staff, approximately 7,000 of whom are located in India. frog and Aricent had operated largely independently for the years they'd been together since spinning off from Flextronics, but a desire to bring them closer together for larger projects and clients led to the rebranding effort.

I ran the effort involving research, strategy and identity design, was the contact point with the external brand agency, and coordinated a complex internal and external rollout campaigns. The Aricent web site was a major part of the new identity: I reworked the information architecture (together with streamlining how Aricent's many offerings were bundled), guided the visual design, and personally re-wrote much of the copy on 100+ pages.

Identity design by Siegel+Gale (positively written up at Brand New)

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I oversaw the design of Aricent's booth at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in 2012, including the creation of this video that displayed on 3 large screens on the booth showcasing Aricent and frog's capabilities.

A New Mission

"To Imagine, Humanize, and Build the Connected World"

The new Mission Statement, Vision and Values I created for the Aricent Group drew on historical and cultural elements of both companies, and the phrases the companies used to describe themselves. Aricent's former mission had essentially been a statement of the history of the company and its technological capabilities, it had no aspirational/inspirational qualities. The new mission was enthusiastically adopted by the global workforce and the CEO and leadership team.

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