I have a background in industrial design, experience and service design, user research, strategy and marketing, with tenure in both consulting and corporate settings. Currently I am a Group Product Manager at Financial Engines, a financial services/technology firm in Silicon Valley with a mission to help millions of everyday people take more control over their financial destinies. I help lead new product/service development, customer research, and experience design (which includes web, mobile, print, and an advisor call center).

Prior to Financial Engines, I was at frog in San Francisco for almost ten years, with roles as Strategy Director and Creative Director. I was one of the early strategists at frog and helped establish the practice, and I was also the first person at the company doing in-depth, ethnographic type user research to inform the design process. I was responsible for overseeing many of frog’s engagements, helping clients think about the future of their businesses, finding new opportunities for growth, and bringing innovations to market.

I then shifted to become Assistant Vice President of Marketing for frog’s 10,000 person parent company, the Aricent Group (an IT services firm largely based in India). I led a major global rebranding initiative for Aricent, and managed design and marketing teams in the U.S. and India.

I am the author of the book Innovation X, which looks at the question of why so few companies are seeing the kinds of success they wanted from innovation, and how a new breed of complex problems are standing in the way of being more effective with innovation. Find out more about Innovation X >

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BFA in Industrial Design with High Distinction from California College of the Arts in San Francisco. I was named in the top 100 most significant alumni of the school’s first 100 years.

MA in Humanities from University of Chicago, in an interdisciplinary program where I combined sociology, ethnography, anthropology, cultural theory and art history to do an early version of a “design research” program in the mid-90’s, before such a term existed.